Strategic Health and Performance is an expert consultancy service specializing in identifying and eliminating physiological and physical limitations.

I work with medical and health professionals, technical and performance coaches, as well as individuals to improve health, function, and performance in all populations from those with medical conditions (e.g., metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, or respiratory conditions) to the elite and professional athlete. Let me help you achieve better health, function and performance effectively and efficiently.

Daniel Crumback

is Strategic Health and Performance

I am an internationally respected leader and expert in physiological testing, data analysis and exercise program design with over 30 years of experience working with medical, general, and athletic populations. I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High Performance Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sport Physiotherapist, which gives me a unique perspective on testing and training.

After a highly successful 29-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, I was recruited to China as the Director of Rehabilitation and Performance where I taught exercise physiology, physiotherapy and performance coaching throughout China as well as working with Provincial, National, and Olympic athletes in a variety of sports.

Daniel Crumback

Daniel Crumback

Expert Consultant and Lecturer

I am a recognised leader in physiological testing and training program design consulting with multiple companies. As the Head of Science and Education for PNOĒ, I assisted in the development of algorithms to analyse metabolic data, exercise programming for cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic limitations and created the Metabolic Analysis Certificate Program to educate medical, healthcare and trainers on metabolic testing and program design. I am an expert in identifying and eliminating respiratory limitations by integrating his knowledge in metabolic analysis, spirometry, movement, and respiratory training using devices such as the Idiag P-100 respiratory training device - the best method to minimize or eliminate respiratory limitations to function and performance. I also consult for Moxy, a Near Infrared Spectroscopy device, used to assess oxygen delivery and utilisation during exercise.

I am now employed as a full time lecturer in Physiotherapy and Physiology within the Institute of Sport, Nursing and Allied Health at University of Chichester.

If you would like to know more about metabolic testing including online and in person education, or you would like an expert to review your test results along with training recommendations, working with NIRS or respiratory testing and training, feel free to book up a time to talk.

My hourly rate is 100£/hour.

Creator of the First Online Metabolic Analysis Certification Program.

The Metabolic Analysis Certification Program is a detailed program covering exercise physiology, metabolic testing, data analysis, limitation identification, zoning, and exercise and nutrition prescription as well as advanced concepts in testing and training. It provides medical, allied health and fitness professionals with the concise and leading-edge knowledge needed to maximise their use of metabolic analysis and other devices to identify physiological limitations and prescribe the best programming for their customers allowing them to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. It is recognised by NASM, AFAA and ACSM for continuing education credits.

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Expert in Musculoskeletal Injury Prediction and Prevention.

I completed my Masters in Rehabilitation Science at University of Alberta. My thesis was “The Use of Movement Based Tests to Predict Low Back Injury in Military Population” (awaiting publication). Based upon my research, I also co-authored a published paper on predicting upper quadrant musculoskeletal non-contact injuries in uninjured military population. A third research paper on predicting lower quadrant injury is awaiting review for publication. I believe that by being able to identify risk of future injury by quadrant, we can prescribe focused preventative exercise programming that may be able to decrease future non-contact musculoskeletal injuries and re injury rates in currently injured populations. I created the Rehab for Performance (R4P) program designed to decrease recidivism rates for musculoskeletal injuries currently used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

If you would like to know more about musculoskeletal injury prediction or prevention, feel free to book up a time to talk.

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